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Common Questions

What is included in my 28 day experience?

It's simple.. we are going to blow you away.. this is your test drive with us for 28 Days, you will also get the chance to get to know our trainers and our lovely community of members. You will receive 12 personal training sessions and unlimited classes, consultation and in-body scan.

What if I am a complete beginner?

Many of our members that start on our 28 day experience are beginners, we will meet you at where you are, all we want from you is consistency and your full attention during the sessions...and not forgetting.. a smile.

Whats does SGPT mean?

This is our signature blend of personal training with the support and motivation of a dynamic group, which is limited to 6 people. SGPT is the future of Personal Training. You will have 1-2-1 attention from our trainers to ensure you are moving well and progressing towards your desired results.

What if I can not commit to 28-day consecutively?

We simply pause your 28 day experience, and you can start when you are back from your commitments.

Do I have to join after the 28-day experience?

Absolutely not! But we can promise you, you will want to...

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