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28 day experience
28 Day Experience 28 Day Experience
28 Day Experience 28 Day Experience

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Ready to meet the best version of you, but want a peek at what that looks like first? Our 28-day experience provides you with a brief insight into our world-class programme. We've crafted an unparalleled strategy that prioritises client support and accountability. Meticulously designed to offer you a personalised, comprehensive, and crystal-clear path to achieving the results you've always dreamt of and sustaining them for good.

What does my 28 day experience look like?

Benefit from the same level of attention to detail you would in 1-2-1 training, but with the motivation, encouragement and energy of training alongside like-minded members.

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Purchase your 28-day experience directly through our FitOne App. Our head coach will then book you in for your evaluation.



During your evaluation, our head coach will gain a deeper understanding of you, your needs, your previous experience, and what you’re looking to achieve. We assess your body’s capability and potential through a full body MOT with an InBody Scan. Empowering you through education of your own abilities, your confidence in the studio is our priority.



With this information, we build your personalised programme. We set your goals, benchmarks and check-in points to enable you to track all your progress and celebrate every single win.



Your coach is waiting in the studio for your first session. Move through a coach-led warm up and experience the influx of endorphins as your body thanks you. But don’t get overexcited – safety first. Strong, functional foundations are crucial to optimise your strength and maximise lean muscle growth. That first-week muscle soreness rapidly turns into visible results and a feeling of empowerment that you’ve never experienced until now.



Time to enjoy the benefits of your hard work. By the end of your second week, you’re noticing massive improvements in your physical and mental health. You’re going to bed elated, waking up with energy, and counting down the minutes until you’re back in the studio with your personal coach and your FitOne community.



HOORAY! You have completed your 28-day experience. Our coaches are buzzing for you with a massive high-five. Now’s the time to start considering your long-term commitment to the fitter, faster, stronger, healthier and happier version of you. We’re here every step of the way to support your nutrition, recovery, and progress. Lock eyes with the best version of you, we dare you. Are you in?

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